New Ways to Visualize PPDM Data
An INT Webinar

Data visualization and discovery are essential to business transformation in the petroleum industry. The digital revolution requires access to information that’s visually compelling and intuitive, while working with Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) enables full collaboration throughout the industry.

Historically, visualization of this data has been limited to reports and charts. However, the right data visualization can unlock tremendous value, empowering users to interact with information in an individualized way that resonates across the enterprise.

This webinar demonstrates new ways and technologies to interact with PPDM data in a web browser.


In this Webinar, You'll Learn Ways to:

  • Build complex analysis dashboards that include log data, trajectories, 2D and 3D displays, schematics, perforations, lithology, production, & more.
  • Review and QC data the moment it is uploaded.

Meet Our Speaker

Senior Project Manager, INT
Victor Vela has worked in the oil and gas industry for 17 years for companies like Weatherford and Baker Hughes. He spent the last 12 years in data visualization, transmission, aggregation, and storage in various areas of the industry. Currently a Senior Project Manager at INT, Victor has led both development and product support teams in this field. Recently, he led the implementation and deployment of INT’s IVAAP platform to provide visualization of the PPDM database for a customer in Mexico.

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